Privacy Policy for DND World Sdn Bhd
At DND World Sdn Bhd, we place great importance on safeguarding your privacy.
This policy highlights our approach to collecting, utilizing, and securing personal data.

Please review the following key points:
Information Collection:
When you access https://dnd369.com , specific information about your visit is collected.
Similar to other commercial websites, we employ technologies like "cookies" and server logs to track site usage. This data encompasses visit date and time, viewed pages, time spent on our site, IP addresses, and websites visited before and after ours.
Consent: By utilizing our website, you implicitly agree to our terms and conditions, thereby providing consent.
Use of Cookies: Cookies are small text files with unique identifiers stored on your computer. Websites request permission to store these files in a designated cookie space. Your browser restricts access to cookies sent by the same website, not those from other sites.
IP Addresses: Your IP address, a network identifier, is automatically collected by our web server. This helps with content delivery and is part of demographic and profile data called "traffic data."
Email Correspondence: Should you contact us via email, we may retain the email content, your address, and our responses. The same level of confidentiality is maintained as for other forms of communication.
Data Usage: We utilize personal data for business administration, customer service, and providing services.
We only gather personally identifiable information voluntarily provided by users, and such data is not shared with third parties without user consent.
Legal Disclosure: We may disclose information when legally required or to safeguard our legal rights.
Email Communication: We maintain the confidentiality of your email address and do not share it with third parties.
It's solely used for sending timely DND World Sdn Bhd information.
Communication Compliance: Our emails adhere to the Communication and Multimedia Act 1998, clearly stating the sender's identity and providing contact details. Instructions for unsubscribing are also included.
Opt-Out: Users can opt-out of our communications by following the unsubscribe instructions in received emails.
External Links" Links to external sites on https://dndworld.com/ do not guarantee their accuracy and are not
endorsements by DND World Sdn Bhd.
Intellectual Property: All copyrights and intellectual property rights are owned by DND World Sdn Bhd.
Unauthorized use is prohibited.
Acceptable Use: Users must utilize our website lawfully and avoid infringing on others' rights or disrupting site functionality.
Children's Privacy: We do not knowingly collect data from individuals under 18. Parents or guardians can contact us regarding such issues.
Restricted Access: We reserve the right to restrict website access and provide confidential login details.
Testimonials: Testimonials are genuine but not necessarily typical results. We monitor testimonials for accuracy and quality.
Information Security: Sending private information via email is not recommended due to security concerns.
Sensitive data may be transmitted securely via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
Site Monitoring: We use software to monitor site traffic for security purposes.
Disclaimer and Liability: We offer content "as is" without warranties. DND World Sdn Bhd is not liable for damages arising from material use.
Policy Changes: We reserve the right to amend this policy, but any changes will not affect personal data usage without consent.
Contact Information: For inquiries or concerns about this policy, please contact us at https://dndworld.com.my.
Address: DND World Sdn Bhd 21, Jln PJS 5/28 B, Pusat Dagangan Petaling Jaya Selatan, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

This policy underscores our commitment to upholding your privacy. Your personal data's confidentiality and security remain our priority.

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